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January 14, 2011

Spirit Intervention

Sally, wanting someone to share her life with was filling out paperwork to submit to a dating agency, while in her ear, her deceased mother was telling her she'd never find a man that way and without telling Sally, was adamant on showing her she wouldn't. Sally never had a chance to turn the application in before having a total head on collision with Emilio at work, spewing not only all her arm full of work all over the floor, but her shoe and behind as well. If fate were to be determined on first impressions, well, I doubt it would have ever worked out for either one of them, as Sally came up 'swinging' so to speak to the person who dared not watch where he was going! Although slightly humiliated and beyond frustrated, Sally was able to notice just how gorgeous this person she had never laid eyes on before was. But she was soon to find out he was a temporary replacement for her boss who was leaving for a short time, and Sally was to be his PA!

Sally had the ability to hear the spirits in the 'afterlife' while unknown to Sally, Emilio could hear them sometimes but he could mostly see them. Both of them hid this secret because they felt the other one would think they were crazy.

Not to give too much away, Emilio got a hold of Sally's application to the dating agency, and decided to jot down the likes and dislikes she had because he was smitten with her at first sight and was determined to be her 'perfect' man. But Sally had told some small 'white lies' on her application to make herself a little more interesting, which in turn were the total opposite things Emilio liked. So, they not only had those obstacles to get over but the constant bantering of her deceased mother Patricia constantly trying to run things the way she seen fit.  Each date has it's own twists and turns sure to put a smile on your face one minute and be totally exasperated with the characters the next. In the end when all looks lost, reinforcements from the spirit world come in to try to clean up the mess, and get things on the right track. You must read it to find out how things turn out.

It's been a long time since I have read a book that has made me laugh and be totally aggravated at the same time! I thoroughly loved this book! The characters Emilio, Sally and Sally's deceased mother Patricia were very real to the story.

I strongly recommend this book by Margaret West, which I found to be a  pleasant and easy read.  You will not be disappointed and will truly enjoy what true love can endure to survive.

I give this book five stars

Reviewed by
Nora Barteau

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