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November 29, 2011

RHA Presents Inspiration From Above by Crystal Stockwell

Inspiration From Above is a very very dear to my heart because it has been written by my daughter Crystal Stockwell.

Crystal was the surviving twin at birth. She has complications and has been in a wheelchair since she was four. Crystal depends on someone to do all things for her because she has CP. God did bless her with a very sound and clear mind, and normal speech. Crystal graduated in a normal school with her peers. Her poetry comes to her in the middle of the night or while she is just sitting around and someone writes it down for her until she can get to her computer to type it out.

Her window to the outside is the computer. Two dreams she has always had, one to be able to walk again and the other was to write a book. I thank Author BK Walker for helping her make this dream come true. I hope Crystal's poetry touches your heart and your life in the way it was meant to when she wrote it. God Bless.


My Review
Inspiration From Above
Crystal Stockwell
I have never had the chance to review a book of poetry until now. This book is not just any book of poetry, it is my daughter's first published book of inspirational poetry! I feel she was born with the ability to just write poetry and maybe to write books as well, we will see. I am hoping she will one day write a book on her very inspirational and sometimes traumatic life. I hope that my author friends will take it upon themselves to give this short read a chance and give her feedback.
I am in total awe of what are in what these pages hold, and I know when opened and read by others, it will touch their lives in some way needed at that time. It is an uplifting and spiritual/inspirational book. I do not feel it is totally spiritual but what are written in the pages are the words that were put into her soul and heart and I know this for a fact because I watched as this caterpillar became a butterfly.
I give Inspiration From Above five stars without hesitation *****
Reviewed by
Nora Chipley Barteau


About the Author Crystal Stockwell from her own words

Crystal is a twenty-nine year old young
lady who has Cerebral Palsy.
She has been in a wheelchair since the age
of four. Although Crystal has had
her share of challenges in life, she has
always been a dreamer. Her biggest
dream is having the chance to share her
poetry with others. This book is
allowing her to do just that.
Crystal began writing poetry as a freshman
in High school. Through one
simple school assignment, she discovered
her talent for writing. Her first
poem, called Rainbow opened the door to
that talent. Crystal credits the
Lord for her gift of writing. She feels that
without him, this book would not
have been possible.
Inspiration From Above is a book of
inspirational poetry to lift the spirit
and calm the soul. Crystal hopes this book
will be a blessing to all who
read it, as it was to her to write it.


  1. Congratulations on your first book, Crystal! (The first one is always the toughest.)

    Wayne A. Conaway, co-author of the best-selling KISS, BOW OR SHAKE HANDS? series

  2. Thank you very much! I'm so thrilled about it! Can't for folks to read it!


  3. Wow!!! COngratulations Crystal!!!

    I hope the book reaches lots of people and touches their hearts...



  4. This is wonderful news. So proud of all you have accomplished.