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January 26, 2012

RHA Presents Here, there and back by Paul Bradford

 Before we give a warm welcome to 2012, I would like to share with you a sampling of my travels around the world in 2011 with the release of my second book: Here, there and back again... During my education I studied photography at an advanced level. However,I have found that as technology has advanced, cameras have gotten so much better, so much so that its now a simple case of point and shoot. Although I believe that there's still a skill to photography, the way the photographer see things, the framing of the image the exposure and so on I remember the days when I would expose my own film and print my photos in a dark room. How time has changed! I consider myself lucky, as it is luck that has led me to some of the most amazing experiences of my life. Thank you so much for your continued support. I hope you enjoy my second publication as much as my first.


About the Author Paul Bradford taken from his site*

Paul Bradford, born and raised in Britain, Paul’s interests in the Paranormal unlike many didn’t come from any personal experiences but in fact from his love of Science Fiction, such shows as Dr Who, Stargate and the X Files have lead to some of Paul’s own Ghostly Inventions, inventions that he has spent the past 3 years bringing to the paranormal community. Paul passion for the paranormal has lead him to develop and create a number of different tools used now by paranormal groups all over the world. Paul says “my aim is to bring affordable equipment to the paranormal community”.

Paul also runs his own team out of Arizona, Sonoran Paranormal Investigations, Inc. as well as runs his own research and development site dedicated to the tech side of the Ghost Hunting. When not hunting ghosts, Paul spends as much time as possible with his family and has a keen interest in Art, Photography and Engineering.

So Who is Paul Bradford?

So who actually is Paul Bradford? Some will no doubt know Bradford as a friend, the self confessed geek or the science fiction buff with a very particular penchant for Dr. Who. A TARDIS builder (and yes....he did, if your wondering). Or is he a world weary traveler, seemingly always on the move, different countries, cities and towns. Every location bringing new opportunities to someone who likes to document his surroundings. Both on the surface and beneath. A photographer perhaps? A collector of information from the past? In more ways than one it seems.........

The vast majority of us know Bradford as the level headed, super-cool Tech guy on Sy-Fy channels hit spook show Ghost Hunters International. Using and building all sorts of gadgets and gizmos to catch a ghost or two is all in a days work for Paul and the slightly unconventional, but very workable team of investigators around him. But what happens behind the scenes? Are we actually any closer?

My Review:

Here, there, and back again ....

Paul Bradford

On the outside Paul Bradford appears to be just a 'ghost hunter' for Ghost Hunter International, a Syfy series (which I never miss). One would never suspect that under all of that ghost hunting gear was a man that has the talent and ability to take what is offered to him during his travels and turn it into some of the most beautful, breathtaking, and yes a little eerie, photography I have seen. I guess for me I can appreciate it more than the average person who will pick up his book because I have always wanted to be a photographer, but life had other plans for me. So, instead of standing behind the lens snapping photos, I am on the other side admiring others work.

Most people are not fortunate enough to enjoy the beauty of what the world has to offer. 'We' have to depend on others to take us around the globe, to show us what mother nature is truly all about through photography. I feel not just anyone can be a photographer. You have to have not only the talent behind the camera, but the passion and love for what you see through it. And I feel Paul has all of that and more.

When you travel from Cahal Pech, San Ignacio to New Zealand and all of the places in between, take the time to really look at the pictures. Look at the detail and admire it for what it really is. If you just glance at each photo and just thumb through it like it was some magazine you pick up at a doctor's office, you will not do it justice. You have to examine each photo and see what Paul saw when he snapped it. I was able to see that the rust covered metal in a few of the pictures, told a story as important as the beautiful jungles did.  I was haunted by the ruins that, like Paul said, the jungle had reclaimed. I was impressed by the means in which he transform a 'typical' cave into a hauntingly piece of art.

Take a walk around the world with Paul in his newest book Here, there and back again. Let him show you the way the world and mother nature are suppose to be seen and admired. Each time you open this book and look at the photos, you see something in them you hadn't seen before. Each one telling it's own story.  Some areas that have probably never been seen before by man until now.

I highly recommend this book and I give it five stars. *****

Reviewed by

Nora Chipley Barteau
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