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April 13, 2012

RHA Presents By Right of Blood by Lorrieanne Russell

William Fylbrigge, the son of the deceased Duke of Aberdoir. William is abused by his much older brother, Thomas, and and Thomas's wife, Bryndah. When he is twelve, William is sent to foster with the Earl of Stonehaven, Lord Edward. It is with Lord Edward that he finds a home, his courage, and begins to blossom into a confident young man. But forces unknown to him are out to get him, to destroy his self-confidence -- and bring about his death. It is only By Right of Blood, that William can claim his legacy and be the man he wants to be.

About the Author:  Taken with permission from author's face book bio.

  Lorrieann Russell’s writing credits include the novels My Brother’s Keeper, and In the Wake of Ashes, both independently published. By Right of Will marks her first novel with Lachesis Publishing. Ms. Russell has also written several short stories for the Writers Post Journal. She is a contributing author and artist to The Writers Post Journal.

She is a professional illustrator, and design artist and photographer. Her illustrations have appeared on book covers, magazines and calendars. An avid hiker, she takes much of her inspiration from nature, and the bulk of her photographic work is in landscape and natural settings. As an artist, her medium of choice is digital.

My Review:

By Right of Blood
Lorrieann Russell 

A boy was born into the world surrounded by riches and was loved by the mother who looked upon his little face as her last breath exited her exhausted body. The only word she was able to form before exiting this world was, William.  

The boy's father Lord Henry Fylbrigge, the current earl of Aberdoir, waited for the news of his son's arrival while looking out his window in the Manor he and his wife Cyslie shared. His thoughts were upon his wife and the child she was laboring to deliver. Her time had come earier than expected.  

Lord Henry hadn't left the Manor much in the last month because the pregnancy had become especially hard on Cyslie, so he reluctantly depended on his eldest son Thomas with the matters that had to be tended to. Even though Thomas never appeared  as possessing much of a business mind, he'd always seemed more interested in less important pursuits such as jousts and hunts. In fact Thomas had proven himself as a invaluable asset and had impressed Lord Edward, a long time friend of Henry's enough that the duke granted Thomas his daughter Brynda's hand in marriage, a union that pleased Henry greatly. Henry felt a wave of relief knowing his eldest son was showing an interest in the wellbeing of the Fybrigge family...especially now, as Henry suspected he was dying.  

The next twelve years for William would prove to be absent of love and compassion. Instead it would be filled with neglect, abuse, and torture, but the hands of his older brother Thomas and his wife Brynda's. It had been agreed that upon between Henry and Edward that upon William's twelth birthday he was to be taken to Stonehaven and fostered by Lord Edward. This was the only reason Thomas made sure he never pushed the punishment for far as to end William's life, that and the inheritance. 

William began to flourish at Stonehaven, and had finally found a true, loving home. It took him awhile to be able to trust others because he could not believe this place that his older brother had said to be filled with demons and dungeons, was in fact filled with people who would love him and treat him with love and respect.  

Follow  William and the life he shared with his friends Sean and Laurel. The author has used her vivid and creative writing, enabling the reader to take a step back in time when the world was a much simpler place.  Walk with Wiliam as only  By Right of Blood, he can claim his legacy and be the man he wants to be. 

Author Lorrieann Russell has used great imagination and artistic creativity in By Right of Blood. Her talent shines through the characters she has so lovingly created and this talent spills over into the world of the reader, allowing them to walk with the characters through the streets of the market, to the cliffs above the ocean. Feel their fear as they run through the woods, and into the meadows escaping hunters and those that would do them harm, only to prevail in the end. Experience their happiness and their sorrows, as they fight to make their mark in the world surrounding them. 

I give By Right of Blood five stars

Reviewed by
Nora Chipley Barteau
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