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June 21, 2011

Power of the Moon by Tina Carreiro

Dark. Sexy. Thrilling. When Miakoda Starr tries to help a homeless man whose aura has him marked for death, she throws herself in the middle of an unknown world and is in more trouble than she knows. Soon she meets Detective Cole Barnett. A man that shatters her world in more ways than one, and shows her a life of fear as well as desire.

My Review:

Power of the Moon
Tina Carreiro

All I can say is wow! I have not had the honor in reading work by author Tina Carreiro before Power of the Moon. I found this book to be one of the best books I have read in the vampire genre in a very long time.  Yes I consider the 'vampire' as a genre as far as I am concerned because it deserves to stand on itself even though it is paranormal.

I found that I could not tear myself away from Power of the Moon from the very first page. I found myself experiencing many emotions and frustrations with the characters Cole and Mia. Just when I thought their 'relationship' if you want to call it that, was going in a certain direction FINALLY, something happened and it went the opposite. I found this happened due to Mia's past experiences with relationships and the way she was betrayed and mistreated. And as if that was not enough, Mia had a special secret she tried to keep covered up when it came to an ability she never talked about because she was afraid people would look at her a freak. Little did she know this secret would turn into a life saving and life altering ability that would change the way she looked at not only life, but herself.

This book had me on the edge of my seat right up till the end, and I mean to the very end, not knowing if love would prevail or not. And that dear reader is where I am going to leave it because I want you to be as engrossed and addicted to this book as I was . I cannot wait for the next book in the series. Tina Carreiro shows wonderful imagination and creativity and to all of you Vampire/Paranomal lovers out there, it is a MUST for your collection. I do not have a problem giving this juicy, saucy, seductive book five stars! And yes it is seductive, and it is not  for kids!  So, get your copy asap!!!!!

I give Power of the Moon fiver stars *****

Reviewed by
Nora Barteau

About Tina:

Tina currently resides in the south with her two adorable kids, which are her best creations. Along with her loving husband who is her greatest adventure.
She began her love for storytelling at a young age. When she was in fifth grade, she wrote a short story about the adventure of a piece of sand on the beach which won the class competition. She loves to write, it is an extension of her and passion flows from her fingers when she is working on a project. Once a story embeds itself in her mind, weeks of sleepless nights will follow until the story is typed and ready for editing.
She never imagined having her stories, her creations out for the world to read and enjoy. Now that they are, she can’t stop writing. Years of stories lay dormant, waiting to be consumed, loved and with hope – cherished. Her stories are like her children and she has poured much love into them.
She loves the paranormal and horror genre and what fascinates her most is the darkness within people. For every bit of darkness, there is a light and she combines those forces together to create powerful characters for your entertainment. As fantasy comes to life with vampires, shifters, ghost and more you will get a charge from the love that is forged between the characters.


*All personal content was taken from Tina's site at:

June 11, 2011

My Fearful Symmetry
Denise Verrico

The third installment in the series  The Immortyl Revolution

Cedric was one of the many 'lost boys' on the streets who, in order to survive had to do things, anything to survive. It was a life of heartache and shame, but he did not have to do it alone because he had a friend who stood with him, until something astronomical changed Cedric's life forever. This 'miracle' if that is what you want to call it, could not have come at a better time because Cedric had some very bad news about his health and he knew he had very little time to live. Then, out of the shadows appeared , what he thought was his 'savior'.

The one who had been watching Cedric and stepped out of the dark to offer him 'salvation', would turn out to be the worst nightmare of Cedric's life. His life would never be the same and his journey will be like no other, something out of a fairytale, but realization is, it's real, all too real.

Take this journey with Cedric. Denise Verrico has taken me to a place where my favorite creature has not been before. She has put a total new twist on it, and I have found it very refreshing along with her wonderful and colorful imagination. She has put great detail and work into My Fearful Symmetry and I found a nice surprise in each and every chapter. I would recommend this book to all of you out there who love the paranormal and yes, I will now tell you the "VAMPIRE". It will captivate you and take you on a journey full of different emotions with each character.

I give it five stars          *****

Reviewed by
Nora Barteau