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January 14, 2012

RHA Presents Night Glimmer by Stephen Weagraff

The covens are at war. They wage a deadly battle over one small relic, an artifact of immense power shaped by the most powerful witch in history. Seeing the artifact in a vision and desperate to find it before his ancient dark enemies, Marcus Croft moves his coven to San Francisco to continue the search. But the battle follows them there and the whole coven is pulled into the conflict including Marcus’ adopted son Aidan. Born both a witch and a vampire, he is the coven’s most powerful warrior destroying any of the dark witches or their vampire servants he finds. Sworn to protect humans, Aidan is torn between his indifference to them and his guilt over killing his own kind; lost to anything but the thrill of the hunt. All of this changes when he meets Tess, a young college student. As their relationship grows, Aidan finds that his undeveloped powers of witchcraft begin to manifest. But events spin out of control when Tess is almost killed by an agent of the dark coven. To save her, Aidan must reveal his true nature. As the attacks increase, he and Tess find themselves caught up in a desperate search across two continents for the elusive artifact. Guided by a spell bound set of clues, they must pass a deadly series of tests to prove they are worthy of the artifact. The two covens collide in a final battle and Aidan discovers he must make a terrible decision that could destroy them both.
About the Author

 The world generally astonishes me and sometimes I even write about it.
I love fiction especially supernatural fantasy and science fiction. I've been reading these genres for years. I believe the most engaging and innovative work is to be found here.
In my work, I strive to write cutting edge content with believable characters even those with a supernatural slant.
My hope is that you have as much fun reading my stories as I do writing them!
For those interested, my academic training was in philosophy and the classics. I've also spent years designing and writing software but fiction is a lot more fun.
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My Review
Night Glimmer
Stephen Weagraff

Aiden walked through life as a vampire with no hopes or dreams and not giving a thought about humans. He couldn't figure out why he should even care enough about them to protect them or not to drink from them. As far as his life was concerned, he just existed. He walked around dressed in black clothes, and on the inside was just as dark. His family had become concerned for him because they never seen him happy nor smile. Until one day when he laid eyes upon HER. 

He was fascinated by her, but was too shy to go up to her and introduce himself, so being a vampire, he was able to eavesdrop on a conversation she was having after class with her girlfriends. Her name was Tess. And Tess thought he was cute, but she was going to trick him into not only helping her with a class project but to help her in other areas of her school work. Little did she know Aiden already knew what she was up to, so it was no surprise to him. Nor did either of them know this was the beginning of a romance between a human and a vampire mixed in with a little 'Indiana Jones' danger.

I found Night Glimmer very entertaining with a little bit of romance, suspense, drama, adventure and laughs. I loved putting myself into the story and experiencing all of the emotions and adventures the characters were getting themselves into. This is not just a vampire story, but there is a twist, you have vampires and witches co-cohabiting as a family. There is also another twist I have no come upon reading about vampire families, a vampire that was also a witch.These ingredients make for a wonderful story with Indiana Jones like adventures.

I recommend Night Glimmer highly and you will find it fun to read, and a great page turner. I had it finished in just a few days. I cannot wait to read more from author Stephen Weagraff.

I give Night Glimmer five stars *****

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  1. Night Glimmer sounds like a great read. Thank you for sharing today :)