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February 1, 2012

RHA Presents Darkness Falls Hunted by Trista Jaszczak

Five years ago, the love of Randi Marshall‘s life disappeared without so much as a phone call or even a letter. Ever since, she’s forced herself to forget the past and move on though moving on means suffering with nightmares night after night, dreams with a torturous vampire who hunts her in her thoughts. Things can’t seem to get much worse until Xavier Brighton walks into her life. As Randi falls head over heels for him, she doesn’t realize her world will be turned upside down again. Could a dark family secret rip them apart? Or could Xavier’s own secret be something Randi can‘t forgive?
About the author taken from her site

Who exactly am I?

To answer that question, I am Trista Jaszczak. Jazz for short, otherwise, it’s pronounced, Jazz-ick. (Easier said that it looks.) I am 26 years-old, living in North Dakota. I am from Hamilton, Ohio, but I do call home where ever the Air Force sends our family. That said, I am an Air Force wife.

I started writing when I was much younger. I had no idea at the time that my great love for writing would become one of my greatest passions. I had no idea that a simple idea for a high school story would ever be taken this far. My mind had always ran wild with ideas that I love seeing on paper. I’d scribble them anywhere I could; including napkins, post it notes, anywhere I could to store it for later. If you’ve poked around this blog you’ll know that the 6 book Darkness Falls series is not my only writing adventure. I’ve been trying my hand at romance, thrillers, any little thought my mind can come up with.

I also take great care in creating each of my characters. I make them each special. Each different. From Randi and Xavier in the Darkness Falls series. To River and Ally in Deliciously Wicked. You will never see two of the same characters from me. I also take no ideas from anyone. My writing is all my own.

It has been asked before, but I currently do not have a pen name. Anything written by me will have my full name. Either Trista Jaszczak or Trista L. Jaszczak. Though to answer another question, I will probably never write under a pen name.

I am loving the fact that more and more questions are coming in. As I’ve said before, never hesitate to contact me. I’ll make sure you get the answers you want.

Until next time, happy reading!
My Review


Trista Jaszezak

Thank you Trista for introducing me to the world of Xavier and Randi.
Randi, who was fifteen, met the love of her life, her soul mate on a beach when he fumbled a frisbee. It was a whirlwind romance that lasted five years. On their five year anniversary, he just disappeared. No note, no phone call, no explanation, no trace. Randi was devastated and spent the next five years forgetting his name, what he looked like, smelled like, and felt like in her arms. She was crushed. She felt she would never find another man like 'whatever his name was'. Oh, she had a date here and there with a guy named Jack, but she just couldn't click with him, because he wasn't 'HIM'. Jack was not so easily dissuaded though.

Just when Randi thought love would never touch her life again, walked in Xavier. He was gorgeous with piercing blue eyes and it was an instant attraction. It just felt right.
Everything felt right again, UNTIL the unthinkable happened. Things that only happen in nightmares, and story books, not in real life. And it wasn't just one thing that jumped out of what should have been in tales and not in reality, it was one horror after another, so much it almost caused her to have a melt down.

Be prepared to take a roller coaster ride in Darkness Falls. You are going to think you have it all figured out, when WHAM, it smacks you down! You are living Randi's life through her eyes and the authors extraordinary imagination. Once started, I could not put this book down and I was not disappointed in it, and can't wait to read the second one. I will let you know you are going to be dealing with the paranormal and some very dark family secrets along with a unbelievable secret from Xavier. All leading up to a almost unbearable decision Xavier will be faced with in order to keep his Randi.

If you choose one book a year or a month to read, I highly recommend Darkness Falls! You will, like me, not wanting it to end and crave more from this wonderful author.

I give Darkness Falls (Hunted) by Trista Jaszczak a five star rating *****

Reviewed by
Nora Chipley Barteau
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Darkness Falls: Hunted, teaser

I walked in the obscure, deserted alley way. A small flickering beam of light lay ahead, though it didn’t matter how much I could see, I still made my way further down the road. My eyes scanned my surroundings, but I could only see the light ahead as it fluttered. Everything else was blanketed in pitch black. The air was warm as it whipped around my face and through my shoulder-length hair, but my body felt a sudden chill. I rubbed my arms slowly, in hopes the shivers would go away completely. I inched forward, continuing my journey in the darkness. The warm winds continued to whisk around me as I made my way past a flickering street light and straight into the darkness. The humming noise it was creating began to slowly fade behind me as a familiar scent wafted up to my nose. This was a scent I knew but could not identify.

Then it hit me. Uneasiness hit my stomach, butterflies began fluttering madly as I squinted to see past the darkness. My legs refused to move as I stopped dead in my tracks. I waited and closed my eyes tightly. I knew it was coming. The long pause of emptiness made the tension grow thick. I waited and held my breath. Then I felt it, the warm breath on the back of my neck and then the hand that crept around, touching my cheek. My heart began to pound, as my body shook involuntarily. It was him. It was always him. He always found me.

“I could feel you,” He purred into my ear. “I could feel you coming.”

I breathed deeply as I fought tears that made my eyes sting. “What do you want?” I stammered.

“Oh, precious, you know what I want.” He hissed into my ear, his hands sliding to my neck, “You are so precious,” His hands slipped down to my hips, feeling, wandering. “So beautiful.”

“Please,” I paused, as tears made their way down my face. “Please don’t hurt me.” I stammered, afraid to move.

He slowly tilted my head back and exposed my neck. “Oh, you know I would never hurt you,” he muttered. “You are far too precious to me,” he murmured, holding my neck in place.

My body went into a state of sheer panic. Each breath I took came on quicker than the last. My muscles tensed, causing an aching sensation in my legs. I could feel his breath on my neck. Warm, and, above all, unsettling. I shuddered. His sharp white fangs began to drop, shimmering in the complete darkness as he began to near my unprotected neck. I opened my mouth to scream, but to my own horror, no sound came out.

Mapping the series

Book I Darkness Falls: Hunted – From Randi’s point of view. The first book in the series. (Currently in the publishing process.)

Book II Darkness Falls: The Thirst – From Randi’s point of view. Once another mysterious vampire sets foot into her and Xavier’s happy life, they set out on an adventure that could easily rip them apart.

Book III Darkness Falls: Secrets and Lies – Again from Randi’s point of view. She tries to patch up the mistakes in her life. But, another secret could stand in her way.

Book IV Darkness Falls: (Subtitle undetermined) – Xavier’s point of view. You really meet Xavier, get to know him as he tries to fix the biggest mistake of his life.

Book V Darkness Falls: (Subtitle undetermined) - Xavier’s point of view. Not only fighting for his own survival, but fighting for the protection of Randi. But, could it be, there’s something he hasn’t been completely truthful with?

Book VI Darkness Falls: (Subtitle undetermined) - Again from Xavier’s point of view. See the end of it all from Xavier’s eyes as he and Randi fight the biggest fight of them all.
The material for Darkness Falls: Hunted is:
Copyright Trista Jaszczak © 2010-2011. All rights reserved.

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  1. This book is a must read, me and trista have been best friends since high school. I own this book and let me tell ya I can't wait till more come out.

    Tiffany g.