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February 17, 2012

RHA Presents Phantom Lives Book Two: Power by Elizabeth Loraine

Phantom Lives Power synopsis.

Last year Abigail Black’s life was turned upside down. Her parents were killed, her abusive boyfriend was chasing her, and she found out that the place she had been dreaming about since she was a small child was real. A Civil War plantation – Collier.  It’s a magical place, guarded by Immortal’s who also haunted her dreams. Now she knows why. She’s a Keeper, those chosen to guard the Gates, portals between time and space.

This year with a brand new family, new Gates and Keepers are being revealed. And treasured artifacts must be saved. There have always been those who wish to control the Gates for their own purposes. This time Abbi is confronted not only by an old enemy, but an unexpected new one. Follow Abbi on another incredible journey, full of magic, intrigue and shocking surprises as she battles evil in order to protect the portals between time and space.

My Review

Phantom Lives Book Two : Power
Elizabeth Loraine

I am proud to announce that Abbi and Bill are back fighting evil in Phantom Lives: Power. Power leaves off where Phantom Lives: Collier took off. In chapter one we find Bill and Abbi with their twins Christian and Christina who have shown they already have a bit of magic of their own.
Elizabeth  Loraine has once again used her wonderful and creative imagination in transporting the reader into the story of Collier and those sworn to protect it. You will discover once again the world with Keepers of the Gate and Sentinels. People with tremendous powers that are used for both good and evil. People doing whatever it takes to protect these gates, and the humans who hold special powers that are not only wanted by demons but by the government themselves!

Phantom Lives Two is filled with adventure, betrayal, heartache, and suspense with each turn of the page. I read this book in a little less than two days! I once again could not put it down because I found myself in the story, walking in the footsteps of her characters. 

Elizabeth did a wonderful job continuing Abbi's and Bill's magical life from Phantom Lives: Collier to Phantom Lives Two: Power without so much as a hiccup. You can tell Elizabeth takes her job as a writer very serious through the words and characters she uses in her books that surprise, anger, sadden, disappoint, amaze and elate the reader. I have become a loyal and tremendous fan of Elizabeth's since book one of the Phantom Lives series.

I highly recommend Phantom Lives Book Two: Power if you love the paranormal and magic or just want a book that will keep you on the edge of your seat, and wanting more when you are finished with it. If you haven't read book one in the series, Phantom Lives: Collier, I recommend you take time to read it first. Even though, book two can stand on it's own. And that is another plus for the author.
I am not going to give anymore of this book away, you need to find out all the secrets it holds for yourself. You will not be disappointed!!

I have to add a little note here, only because I am so proud of it. I read and reviewed Elizabeth's first book in the series, Phantom Lives: Collier and she was gracious enough to use my review on the back cover of her book. She is not only an awesome author, but an awesome and beautiful person.

I give Phantom Lives Book Two: Power five stars *****

Reviewed by
Nora Chipley Barteau
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About Author Elizabeth Loraine *taken from author's site*

Hmmm. I've always been creative, art, music, decorating; all life long passions.  I married my high school sweetheart a talented General Building Contractor and raised a son and a daughter who are very 
  creative in their own rights. I've worked in the business world, became a decorative painter and longed for 
  an outlet for my other artistic talents.

I have been a lifelong fiction fan, and  for  years I knew I was supposed to write a book; I just didn't know about what.  I did, however, envision characters that were strong , independent young women as heroines.

Since I was very young  I have been fascinated by vampires from Dracula to the present day. Although I love all the  books where the settings are high schools and the characters are young,  I always wanted to 
  know more. What had they done in the centuries before? Where had they been? What had they seen
  and lived? I wanted to fill in their time line, their history. From that curiosity, those questions, is where
  these books come from. These long lived vampires have hundreds of years of history and I plan to
  chronicle that. So, start here with Katrina, enjoy the vampire past and look forward to the vampire future.


E. Loraine 
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  1. Thanks so much for the fantastic review, Nora. I am so glad you liked it. Sometimes a sequel can be a challenge, but these characters are so much fun for me to write about.