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February 14, 2011

Karma and Melodies
Katie Salidas

The music from the band brought back waves of memories from days gone by for Kendra. Days when she could enjoy the sunshine on her face and nights when she shared her poetry at the Egnima while listening to the beautiful voice of the leader of the band. The same voice making it's way to her ears through the crowd, ten years later, or what seemed like a lifetime ago. What should have been joy to wash over Kendra, was instead replaced with sorrow and regret. There he stood, Marcus, looking just as beautiful as he had ten years ago, like a Greek God. Close enough to touch, to smell, but sadly not close enough to have for her very own. Because Kendra had a secret that in reality was a curse that had been given to her ten years ago. A curse that has put her on the run from the master that made her, but to the true love that has had her heart always.

I am a tremendous vampire/paranormal genre fan and with so many authors turning to this type of writing, you would think sooner or later you would come across a story that was like the one before. I have been with Katie Salidas since the beginning and I have read all of her work and have given a review of each read. I am always so curious how she will manage to make this next work of hers different that any of the ones before. I have yet to be disappointed.

Karma and Melodies is a wonderful love story with just a touch of eroticism. It shows just how far a person will go for the one he or she loves. Follow the love story of Kendra and Marcus, one a vampire the other a musician. Learn the throes of being a vampire in love with someone she had to give just enough blood to save, but never enough to turn him. Even with that, there is a blood bond and everything that goes with that. I know you will enjoy Katie's newest work, Karma and Melodies and I give it Five Stars *****

Reviewed by

Nora Barteau

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  1. Nora thank you so much for this fabulous review. Author's thrive on reviews like this. Thank you!