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February 2, 2011

The Price 
by Leon Newton

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this play. I feel it is a great piece of work and I think everyone should read it, if not just for a refresher course. As a christian, I know it is not going to be that civilized in hell but it drives a good lesson home. We see and understand that people in all walks of life have a destination at the end of their life, and it can only be one of two places, heaven or hell. No matter how much money a person has, it cannot prolong your life if it is your time to go, nor can it allow a person to put in a 'reservation' to heaven. I enjoyed the people who shared their story in hell, from all walks of life. There was the millionaire at one end of the spectrum, to athletics, entertainers, regular people and even a deacon in the church. In just a short time, it gives the reader an inside view at the various people and their tales of why they are in hell and have 'paid the price' to be there. I feel the writer gave Satan a civilized personality in order for people to understand the character in this play. Because we know by reading the Bible and the teachings in the Sunday school classes, that Satan is an evil being with no compassion for human life or their souls and definitely would not give God and Jesus credit or recognition of any kind. The Price is an easy read and can be understood by the old and the young.

I recommend this play or book and give it five stars.
Reviewed by
Nora Barteau

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