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April 26, 2011

Skin Thief
Sonnet O'Dell

I was not familiar with Auhor Sonnet O'Dell's work when a request was made for me to read and give a review of Skin Thief. From chapter one, the story captured and kept my attention. When that happens, I know I am going to understand and enjoy the rest of the book. I found that it had already revealed a nice surprise in the very first few chapters, and I looked forward to what followed.

Cassandra Fairbanks works as a Paranormal Investigator. The case that showed itself in the first few chapters, she was investigating how two people could switch bodies. One was a guard and the other a prisoner. While trying to find out how this was possible, she discovers that an amulet is what is responsible for what seemed impossible. She must find this amulet before more trouble is created.

 Cassandra definitely has a life that is by no means boring. When she is not investigating the paranormal, she is getting the personal attention of a half-elf man named Magnus and a vampire named Arum. I was very excited when I found out a vampire was in the midst of things! And a bit surprised when the other character was a human who was half elf. A nice twist I have not come across before in a story.

I totally enjoyed this book and I hear this is the beginning of a series of adventures for Cassandra Fairbanks, and I intend on reading each and every one of them! Sonnet has put her own twist on this paranormal series that sets it aside as different from most of them that are out there. I found it to be well written and she makes sure she keeps the reader's attention with every turn of the page. I put it way up there with other paranormal reads I have reviewed over time.

I give Skin Thief by Sonnet O'Dell give stars. *****

Reviewed by
Nora Barteau

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