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May 10, 2011

Gemma Rice

I found the newest work of Gemma aka Poppet, Blindsided, a nice change to your typical love story. Blindsided kept me wondering from chapter to chapter what was going to happen and if Andy and Lee's love was going to survive the next tragedy or twist of fate. I found it to be a very fast paced read because it was a great page turner.

I found myself in awe with the situations Lee found herself in mainly due to a man she loved unconditionally and thought he felt the same towards her. But she finds her world shattered to pieces after coming home from a long Canadian trip that lasted months, to find her perfect mate had been keeping a terrible secret, which turned out to be several secrets. She handles the first one she is faced with great poise and restraint. I could not understand how she could be so calm, but soon it is revealed why she cannot confront her 'true love' like a normal woman would when their man is found in a web of betrayal and lies. I found this part of the story shocking and compelling and became a very important part of the entire story.

I felt the story ended too quickly. I felt that the healing process between Lee and Andy should have been drawn out a tad more. I had mixed emotions about the ending of the book because there is a third party in the mix, and frankly, I was rooting for him because I felt he was a far more stable, loving, kind man than Andy was towards Lee. Goes to show you some loves are meant to be no matter the heartaches, hurdles and tragedies it has to endure.

I recommend this book like I have Poppet's other great works. Hats off to you again my friend.

I give Blindsided five stars *****

Reviewed by
Nora Barteau

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  1. Thank you so much Nora. This was a lovely surprise to wake up to.